The Melting Pot

Christopher Cheng

It is 1903 and the colonies of Australia have just united as a federation under one flag. One of the first acts of the new parliament is the Immigration Restriction Act (the White Australia Policy), that restricted entry of certain types of people to Australia.


Melting Pot is the diary of Chek Chee, a Chinese boy living in Sydney’s Chinese community. He is the son of a mixed marriage, trying to fit into two cultures. And for Chek Chee, life is unusually different. Not only are the Chinese about to suffer the threats and racism imposed by the new immigration policy, but Chek Chee must face being an outsider amongst the Chinese as well, as his mother is a white Australian – racism on multiple levels.


Melting Pot is an exciting story that deals with the struggle between two cultures, family relations, and treading the fine line between honesty and crime.


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