Sounds Spooky

Christopher Cheng, Illustrated by Sarah Davis

It's dark and there are spooky sounds filling the air. Who, or what, is making them?


Whistling wind through the trees,

Squealing bats flying past,

Knocking noises on my window...


What's that noise I can hear?

This scary picture book is perfect for Halloween. Filled with onomatopoeia and a delightfully spooky twist, it will have young readers listening for those scary sounds and chanting, "What's that noise that I can hear? I'm not scared!”


Have a spooooky Halloween as you walk through this rickety old house where strange sounds fill the air in this interactive audio book.

Crashing and slamming;

Snarling and hissing;

Creaking and mumbling.

Read along with the narrator, tap your torch on and off; press your camera and listen as the shutter snaps; watch out for the creepy crawlie bugs; and is that a ghost hovering there in the corner? I’m not scared. Are you?


Sounds Spooky

illus Sarah Davis; Random House (2011)

ISBN 9781864718799


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