Seams of Gold

Christopher Cheng, Illustrated by Di Wu

It is the 1850s and Danny has been left with his Uncle while his father and mother travel back to China. His Uncle was a gold miner like many other Chinese men but now his skills are utilised by all the townspeople and the miners in stitching or repairing anything that requires his sewing skills and his special threads – even sewing the canvas tents. While with his Uncle, Danny learns to sew and is called upon to use the needle and thread when disaster strikes the touring Chinese Opera troupe.


“I wanted to tell him that sewing is women’s work, not men’s work.”


But Danny knows that he has to respect his uncle and do as he says, even if that means joining him on a sewing trip to the goldfields.


Danny would rather be anywhere else ... until he takes things into his own hands!


To find out more about the original sewing basket that this story is based upon jump to:


Here you will also be able to work with an interactive the museum has designed around the Sewing Basket on which this book is based, and there are classroom ideas too.



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