One Child

Christopher Cheng, Illustrated by Steven Woolman

One child is a picture book illustrated by the magical Steven Woolman. It is about kids, our planet and what one child can do. Global warming, habitat destruction, the accumulation of waste, pollution and many other environmental aspects are part of this title. A simple text with richly coloured illustrations drawing on the imagery of an old stained glass window that is gradually cleaned to reveal the beauty underlying the pollution. This is a hopeful book about the environment for young children. One child saw trees torn from the ground; saw oceans stained with waste, no longer blue and clean; saw skies choking, blocking the sun. What could just one child do about the devastation of our planet?


Winner of the Wilderness Society Picture Book of the Year, 1998.


Shortlisted - Koala awards, 1998

Notable Book - Children's Book Council of Australia, 1998.





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