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New Year Surprise!

Christopher Cheng, Illustrated by Di Wu

Cover has illustration of Chinese dragon with two dancers; one adult and one child, holding decorative balls and ribbons on sticks.

Di even travelled to Guangzhou in China to paint the pictures for this book and they were created in a traditional way – by using Chinese brushes and the colours of traditional Chinese painting, as well as by painting on rice paper.


Set in snowy rural Northern China this book is about the coming Chinese New Year Spring Festival and one little boy who is  told that he’s too small to help out at the Spring Festival. Follow him through his village to see how he finds a way to join in! It’s a very big surprise. The very traditional life depicted in this book, with people wearing thick clothing and where beds are often platforms that are built over small wood-fired furnaces remain the same today.


This has been a joy to create.


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